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Congress should pass the One Stop Shop Community Reentry Program Act to provide grants to community-based nonprofits to support reentry centers that offer various services, including housing, job training, and mental health counseling for previously incarcerated individuals.[1][2][3]


Approximately 600,000 people are released from prison each year. Within five years, three-quarters will have been re-arrested.[4] Formerly incarcerated individuals face many challenges, including difficulty accessing employment, education, housing, and health care.[4][5] For people with mental health conditions, the reentry process is especially difficult and, as a result, they have a higher recidivism rate.[6] These individuals are at an increased risk for experiencing barriers to employment and housing, and often struggle to access mental health services.[6] One-stop shop reentry programs can lower recidivism by improving access to critical support services.[1][2][3]


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