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Congress should pass the Nutrition CARE Act, which would add coverage of medical nutrition therapy services for individuals with eating disorders to Medicare.[1][2]


Eating disorders affect an estimated 9 percent of the population and often co-occur with other mental health conditions [3] and have among the highest mortality rates of all mental health and substance use disorders.[4] Eating disorders affect all age groups, including older adults enrolled in Medicare. Medical nutrition therapy is a nutrition-based treatment that also includes counseling services, and has been shown to have positive outcomes for individuals with an eating disorder.[5][6] Unfortunately, about 70 percent of individuals with an eating disorder are unable to receive treatment due to limited insurance coverage.[7] Currently, Medicare Part B only covers medical nutrition therapy for individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes or kidney disease.[8] The passage of the Nutrition CARE Act would increase access to medical nutrition therapy for Medicare beneficiaries with an eating disorder. [1][2]


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