Pass the Mental Health Research Accelerator Act

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Congress should pass legislation such as the Mental Health Research Accelerator Act to provide a tax credit to offset expenses for translational research relating to neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric conditions.


Neurodegenerative diseases and mental health conditions are major public health challenges that affect millions of people in the U.S. Despite the enormous impact of these conditions and many effective treatments, there is still an urgent need for more research to understand the causes, mechanisms, biomarkers, and therapeutic targets of these disorders.[1]

Translational research is a type of research that aims to bridge the gap between basic science and clinical applications. It involves the translation of discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic, and vice-versa. Translational research can accelerate the development of new diagnostics, therapeutics, and preventive interventions for neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric conditions, but currently there is insufficient funding for such research.[2]

To encourage more translational research, Congress should pass legislation to provide a tax credit to offset expenses for this research such as the Mental Health Research Accelerator Act of 2022, which would allow a tax credit through 2031 for 25 percent of expenses for translational research for neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric conditions.[3] This bill would provide an incentive and support for researchers and organizations to conduct more translational research in these fields, increasing innovation and ultimately effective treatments.


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