Improve training for diagnosis and treatment of addiction

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All federally-supported medical, nursing, and other clinician training programs should be required to incorporate training on the diagnosis and treatment of addiction into their curricula.[1]


The ongoing addiction crisis highlights the need for health professionals to receive training on substance use disorders (SUDs).[2] According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, “[i]ncorporating training on SUD into routine healthcare will enable practitioners to screen more widely for SUDs, treat pain appropriately, prevent substance misuse, and engage people in life-saving interventions.”[2][3] In conjunction with its repeal of the harmful requirement that prescribers have a separate waiver (the X-waiver) to prescribe lifesaving buprenorphine, the 2023 Medication Access and Training Expansion (MATE) Act requires Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registered practitioners to complete eight hours of training on opioid and SUD prevention, treatment, and care.[2][3][4] All federally funded medical training programs (e.g., federal graduate medical education (GME) programs) should include similar training requirements.


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